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Retaining Wall Blocks

StoneWall SELECT residential retaining walls are an excellent addition to any home and are an ideal complement to pavers and brick, as well as flagstone, fieldstone and other natural materials. With its highly textured split face and refined beauty of hewn, chiseled stone, the StoneWall SELECT retaining wall system blends in beautifully in any home landscape scheme.

We carry RockWall and Rosetta blocks in addition to our own line. 

Unlike other systems that have a uniform, unnatural, “stacked-tire” look, StoneWall SELECT is perfectly scaled and randomly textured to look naturally good in walls of virtually any size or shape.  The StoneWall SELECT system includes the basic unit in either offset split, or straight split faces; splittable units, 90 degree corner units, and cap units.

StoneWall SELECT is engineered to be the easiest, quickest wall to install. No mortar is needed, and no special expertise is required. Since all unnecessary weight has been removed, each StoneWall SELECT unit weighs up to 43% lessthan other concrete retaining wall blocks. So it can easily be lifted, carried, and set in place by just one person.

StoneWall SELECT can take care of demanding design details with ease. Steps and stairways, corners, inside and outside curves, serpentine walls –  these and other diverse design requirements are easily accommodated by StoneWall SELECT’s unmatched versatility.

StoneWall SELECT is rugged and durable and won’t ever decay, rot, splint or split, as treated timbers or railroad ties often do. In fact, StoneWall SELECT offers the same long life and zero-maintenance as poured concrete.

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